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Our New Religion

QAFC games 007As a child raised in the Bible Belt, I understood that Sunday’s were set aside for Church and family.  We would, as a family, wake up earlier than we did on school mornings, dress in our Sunday best (obviously this was before I converted to Catholicism) and head to Sunday School, followed by a two hour church service.  Afterwards we would head to Aunt Faye’s house for Sunday dinner with the entire family.  Sundays were as routine as a school day. Just as we would never think of missing a school day for a family picnic we would certainly never miss church so we could chase a ball around a field.

Which leads me to ask, is soccer becoming our new religion?  I swear I did not convert to Catholicism for the variety of the mass schedule but I find myself being more and more grateful to have the extra opportunities to attend a service.  In our church we have five to choose from, including one on Saturday evening.  Even so, with two children, both playing travel soccer, coaches who insist players arrive one hour early for games and games as much as two hours away, there are Sundays when we just can’t find the time for Mass and soccer.  Sadly, we choose soccer.

We choose soccer over Church even as we pray to God to deliver us safely to our fields or to watch over our children as they play what can be a very physical game.  We choose soccer over Church while we pray for guidance in raising our children.  We choose soccer and still we pray for God’s intervention in our lives.

So, yes, I do think soccer is becoming our new religion and I am ashamed of myself for allowing it to happen.  Each week that I am able to go to Mass I pat myself on the back for making the effort that had once been habit and I vow that I will continue to go to Mass no matter what comes up.  Then Sunday comes around and there is a championship game two hours away and I can’t or won’t let that happen and we, once again, choose soccer.

I think of the saints who gave their lives for their faith and I marvel at their commitment to God.  St. Sebastian was shot through with arrows for refusing to give up his faith, yet I refuse to miss a soccer game for Mass.  I refuse to take a stand for my beliefs and to teach my children to take the same stand and ultimately Soccer becomes our new religion.


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