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With Both Feet

My three year old hates every food that is not pizza, hotdogs or chicken nuggets.  For a mom who loves to cook and has raised two other kids on gourmet foods, this is a nightmare.  No matter how many times I read him Green Eggs and Ham, he refuses to try new things.  It occurs to me though, that this tendency to not only avoid new things but declare a dislike to them must be innate to humans.

My Dad hates to fly.  He has never flown but he hates it.  I have a friend who hates crowds but has never stepped foot outside of his small town to find himself in a crowd.  I live twenty minutes outside of Washington, DC andcrowded-street have met people who have lived their whole life here without once stepping foot in DC.  In one way or the other we all limit ourselves this way.  A limitation I have put on myself?  Cruises.  I know I wouldn’t like a cruise.  I have a list a mile long why this is so.  Yet, I have never set foot on a cruise ship.

I will, once in a great while, get my son to agree to taste something new.  He will pick up the smallest amount of the suspicious food with his fork and touch it to the tip of his tongue shaking his head before it even reaches a taste bud, never giving the flavor a chance.

Grownups do this too. We dip our toes in an experience and form an opinion without giving it a chance instead of jumping in with both feet and immersing ourselves in the experience.  Instead of looking at the situation for what it might offer, we go in with our opinions set and color our experiences with that brush.

Blogger, Katie Leas, over at Tremendous Blondette just showed us all how it should be done.  Several months back she posted a bit about not liking to travel and being afraid to fly.  Recently, she posted a retraction.  Apparently, in the last few months, she has jumped in with both feet.  She has done enough travelling to feel like an expert. But what really came across in her post, especially in the photo captions, was the joy she has found in each new place.

Looking at each of these photos, I wondered how her life will change.  What will be different now that she has seen New York City for the first time, visited Las Vegas and a handful of other cities she had never visited?  Whether those cities changed her I can’t tell you, but I can tell you, from personal experience, that what changes is attitude.

When we jump in with both feet and experience something we thought we didn’t like or thought we would never do, suddenly, anything is possible.  Suddenly the world really is our oyster and we begin to wonder, what else we are missing?  We start looking for the next adventure.  The next new discovery.  Or in Zane’s case the next new and delicious food.


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