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I know it is cliché but I love spring.  I love the feeling of hope every new flower brings.  I love knowing there is warmth to look forward to.  I find joy in the spring.

Every fall I mourn the leaves.  They start to change colors and the dread starts to set in.  It isn’t just because I hate raking and bagging leaves.  I just hate winter.  And as the leaves change I know that winter is inevitable.  I hate everything about winter.  I hate the bare trees.  I hate being cold. I hate the short days.  For as long as I can remember, I have always hated winter.  But this winter has been the worse.   We have had well over three feet of snow since December.  The kids have missed ten days of school and the school system still can’t decide how they will make it up.  Every single person in this house has had at least two rounds of colds, sore throats, ear infections and general yuckiness.  And to top all of that off three of the five of us have had injuries that have kept us from running and making it through the hard winter days the way we like to.  In other words this winter has just plain sucked.

But today that is changing.  It is March 1st and though I am sitting here with a cotton ball shoved in my ear and antibiotics and pain medicine at the ready, I am declaring winter to be over.  This is not random and it has nothing to do with the date.  I officially declare winter over each year at the first site of flowers and this morning as I was busy being thankful for the little bit of ground I can see through the melting snow I realized that there are two little crocus flowers poking their heads through my front garden.  So, it is official, today winter is over.  Spring is coming.  Maybe it is still 40 degrees outside.  Maybe I still have to wear hat and gloves when I go for a run.  Maybe we will even get more snow.  But none of that matters because starting today I can count the flowers.

Already I have gone out into the garden a little further and noticed the shoots coming up for my daffodils.  I have noticed promising little buds on the hydrangea and I even detected a slightly brighter color to the ground cover that will eventually be full of white flowers.  So, maybe it is cliché.  Maybe the new beginning thing is a bit PollyAnna, but I don’t care because today winter is over.  Today is a good day.

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