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Glass Half Full

I am a glass half empty kind of girl.  I like to say it was a choice I made as a child in order to be pleasantly surprised more often than horribly disappointed but I believe there is a chance it is just in my nature.  My sister, on the other hand, is a glass half full kind of girl.  She always sees the bright side of a situation.  I sometimes call her a Pollyanna, because of her chipper outlook on life.  At least, that is what I called her until last year when her heart was shattered into a million pieces by the love of her life and husband of 11 years.

For the past year, we have spoken almost every day, sometimes three and four times a day and I have heard how a man who had promised to love her for the rest of her life was now finding new ways each day to dig the dagger a little deeper.  I have watched as he took her business, her home and even her friends.  And worse still, I have watched as she blamed herself for the breakup of her marriage and the turmoil that had become her life.

My baby sister has always been that to me.  She has always been my baby sister, the one I want to protect from all harm.  So, when the smoke started to clear, I was one of the ones who walked beside her as she gained her footing and began to pick up the pieces of her heart.  I learned in the first few months of her pain that, as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t control this situation for her.  She had to go through the steps and take control of her life and I have watched her do just that.

As a wife, I am terrified by her situation. As a wife, I wonder how I would handle the same thing and pray that I will never be faced with it.  But as a sister, I marvel at her resolve and I wonder how it is that my little sister, my baby sister, has the fortitude that she has.

It has been a year of bitter dispute with a man she thought loved her, of watching everything she has worked for got down the drain and yet she said to me this weekend that things are looking up.  That she is excited about the future.  That the worse has come and gone and she has survived it and knowing that, she realizes now that she can handle anything.

Watching her, I have come to realize something similar.  I have come to look at each day and notice the differences today as compared to yesterday.  Because of my little sister’s survival through this year, I suddenly see what a difference a day, week, month or year makes.  Last year, I worried every day about my sister but a year later I am in awe of her and the lessons she has taught me along the way.  I still don’t know what tomorrow holds but because of my sister, I now know that it doesn’t matter.  Each day brings a new breath, new life and new opportunities.  So I will admit, this glass half full thing is not so bad.

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