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Rose Colored Glasses

For two days I have walked around with a headache.  Even in the best of times I might be considered a pessimistic soul but after a two day headache with no end in sight everything takes on a more negative tone.  Still,even the cheeriest adults are hard pressed to find something positive in every moment in life.  That is the great thing about children.  They can find the positive in the most mundane activities.

Give a baby a pot and spoon and he can make a noise that will delight his soul.  Give a two year old a cardboard box and he can create a train, a car, a tree house or an alien planet.  Put a child in an empty room and instead of thinking, “Well, this room is empty,” they see a blank slate on which to create their own world.

As summer draws to an end and the mornings start in the lower sixties, my mind turns to fall days.  I would love to say that I daydream of the colors of the leaves and the long runs through the multicolored trails.  Instead, for the past two days I have been focused on how many boxes of leaf bags I will need to buy.  How much money I will have to pay the local handy man to clean out my gutters and how alone I will be in the yard trying to keep up with the leaves as they fall.

This afternoon on the way home from school, I found myself grumbling aloud about the work to come when from the back seat, I heard, “Oh yeah!  Does that mean I get to play in the leaves soon?”

It’s funny how one statement can snap me out of a funk.  Suddenly I realized that there really is always something positive even in the uninspiring jobs of being a parent and homeowner.  Almost 5 years ago when I discovered I was pregnant with our bonus baby, I was so worried about raising another child.  I worried about the late nights and the hard work to come.  But my mother in law promised me that this new baby would keep me young and brighten my world.

Today he is a little over four years old and I can honestly say that she was right.  Every day since he was born I have been in awe of the joy I have found in this child.  But some days I think he was sent just for this purpose.  He is here to remind me of the fun there is to be had and the games that can come from the simplest things.  I will never be a Pollyanna, but through his eyes, I have found my rose colored glasses.


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