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End of the Evening

Good Friend, Old Friends, Great Night.


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This was supposed to be the winter of the big snow.  So far not so much.  Today we woke up to a powdering of snow on the ground a call at 5:30 a.m. telling us we did not have to wake up for another two hours.  If this is all we get this winter, I will be a happy, happy girl.

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A Boy and His Dog

We have been so lucky to see Blaise so much this year. We were told to expect to see very little of him the first year but because of good grades and a couple of Army wins that really counted we have been able to see him quite a but. Still, when he leaves, this mom’s heart breaks just a little. But I have to be honest, I think Misty is the hardest hit every time.

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Misty the Super Dog

Zane made this costume for Misty the Super Dog but Misty is not quite onboard with the label.

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The Perfect Shirt

With a brother at West Point and a sponsor brother at Navy, my little guy is constantly feeling torn. Now, thanks for our sponsor son’s mom, he has the perfect shirt to fix this dilemma.

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Sick Day


There is never a good time to feel like this but if there was it would be today.  The weather is just the right kind of weather for a sick day.



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My poor husband has a honey-do-list a mile long and has been awesome this weekend with checking things off that list. Today was picture hanging day. The one with the tree was a gift from my sister Donna. I love it so much. You might think I painted the wall to match it, but nope, it just matches by coincidence. Donna is just that good. The other two photos are the same picture from different angles. I finally received my framed Beach to Battleship photos back. I took the close up so you could get a glimpse of that smile. I had it all the way through that race. The one further away shows the kick-ass medal. It weighs about a 1000 pounds. Very worthy of such an event.






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