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I love how everything changes when I see it through Zane’s eyes.  He came home with all of his goodies from the party at school and suddenly I remembered those days when Valentine’s Day was not a pain.  The days before I became cynical.



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This happens at least twice a year. The birds have obviously not gotten the memo – Annie is afraid of birds.







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An hour and a half ago I was lying in the bed, with my head buried under the pillow to block out the light.  My head was throbbing.  But my handsome husband and I have a date tonight so I forced myself out of the bed and onto the bike.  So glad I did.  I seem to have sweated that pain right out.



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As a work at home mom, I sometimes have the luxury of setting my schedule by the weather, working in the morning while it is cold out and then working out later in the day when the temperatures rising.  But most days I live by these.  Between the clocks on the first floor of my home and the ever present iPhone with times and alarms set to keep me in line, you might think I would never be late for anything.  Sadly, you would be wrong.








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My poor husband has a honey-do-list a mile long and has been awesome this weekend with checking things off that list. Today was picture hanging day. The one with the tree was a gift from my sister Donna. I love it so much. You might think I painted the wall to match it, but nope, it just matches by coincidence. Donna is just that good. The other two photos are the same picture from different angles. I finally received my framed Beach to Battleship photos back. I took the close up so you could get a glimpse of that smile. I had it all the way through that race. The one further away shows the kick-ass medal. It weighs about a 1000 pounds. Very worthy of such an event.






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I bought my first trainer 8 years ago when my older two were still too young to leave home alone while I roade.  After eight years we have finally worn that out and bought our second one.  Thank goodness we did. So often the trainer is the perfect fix when I have just a few minutes to get a workout in. Today I had exactly 45 minutes of free time, 45 minutes to get my sweat on.


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