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I Am Awesome

According to my six year old, I am awesome. The important thing is that I am loved. He brought this to me while I was on the trainer and the knowledge that I am loved and awesome was all it took to get through that ride.

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Mondays are busy for the WAHM mom.  Between Beyond Limits Magazine and Ann’s Running Commentary the day was spent working on  today’s postings and promotions for the future.  But today I added giveaway to the bunch when these two babies showed up in the mail from Another Mother Runner.  Very excited to work on my new YouTube Channel.


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For a couple of years, I have worked on this project but only a little here and a little there. Today, I realized I had finally gotten to a point that, if I buckle down, I can be done within a week or so.  A new book – a compilation of Ann’s Running Commentary posts and stories I have told around the dinner table.  Available soon on Kindle and Nook.  Today was spent editing. With the end in sight, any thoughts about an audio version?

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End of the Evening

Good Friend, Old Friends, Great Night.

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An hour and a half ago I was lying in the bed, with my head buried under the pillow to block out the light.  My head was throbbing.  But my handsome husband and I have a date tonight so I forced myself out of the bed and onto the bike.  So glad I did.  I seem to have sweated that pain right out.



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My poor husband has a honey-do-list a mile long and has been awesome this weekend with checking things off that list. Today was picture hanging day. The one with the tree was a gift from my sister Donna. I love it so much. You might think I painted the wall to match it, but nope, it just matches by coincidence. Donna is just that good. The other two photos are the same picture from different angles. I finally received my framed Beach to Battleship photos back. I took the close up so you could get a glimpse of that smile. I had it all the way through that race. The one further away shows the kick-ass medal. It weighs about a 1000 pounds. Very worthy of such an event.






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