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New Kicks

Bright new shoes.

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Saturday Afternoon Fun

Spent Saturday afternoon raking and bagging leaves. Oh such a glamorous life I lead.

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For a couple of years, I have worked on this project but only a little here and a little there. Today, I realized I had finally gotten to a point that, if I buckle down, I can be done within a week or so.  A new book – a compilation of Ann’s Running Commentary posts and stories I have told around the dinner table.  Available soon on Kindle and Nook.  Today was spent editing. With the end in sight, any thoughts about an audio version?

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Spark Running

Severna Park, Maryland is a runner’s dream. Miles of running paths, beautiful roads alongside two gorgeous rivers, and running partners available any time you need one. We even have our own marathon – The B&A Trail Marathon in March. But until last year we were missing one crucial element – a specialty running store. Finally that need has been met and this store is everything a runner could hope for. An experienced, knowledgable and friendly staff, the perfect combination of running shoes, clothing and accesories, and most importantly a local store feel. This store is my happy spot.



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Ragamuffin Carpool

Every morning I have the pleasure of driving two of the silliest six year olds in the world to school. One is mine and the other is his best friend. From the minute she gets in the car until the minute I drop them in the car loop, they are giggling in the backseat. When they return in the afternoon, they begin the giggles all over again. I am sure they are complete angels with no giggling while in school, right?

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A New Year - A New Project

My new project is to record in photos a year in my life. I am starting it with this photo for a couple of reasons. First because I have taken two and a half weeks off from running and knew it was time to get back out there. So today was a test run. It went well and that makes me happy. The other reason is that running is such a huge part of my life and years ago I decided to never let a January 1st pass again without a run. Today, after oversleeping and missing my annual City Dock run with the local running community I was in danger of letting that happen. But I sucked it up and got out there. I am so very glad that I did. This photo was taken immediately after the run, before I went in to join my family on this last day of our holiday break.

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