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I love how everything changes when I see it through Zane’s eyes.  He came home with all of his goodies from the party at school and suddenly I remembered those days when Valentine’s Day was not a pain.  The days before I became cynical.



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My poor husband has a honey-do-list a mile long and has been awesome this weekend with checking things off that list. Today was picture hanging day. The one with the tree was a gift from my sister Donna. I love it so much. You might think I painted the wall to match it, but nope, it just matches by coincidence. Donna is just that good. The other two photos are the same picture from different angles. I finally received my framed Beach to Battleship photos back. I took the close up so you could get a glimpse of that smile. I had it all the way through that race. The one further away shows the kick-ass medal. It weighs about a 1000 pounds. Very worthy of such an event.






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Saturday morning in the Brennan house is all about the workout. Today started with Zane at his second ever basketball game and was followed quickly by Megan’s session at API, a sports specific strength and speed training center.

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