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A Boy and His Dog

We have been so lucky to see Blaise so much this year. We were told to expect to see very little of him the first year but because of good grades and a couple of Army wins that really counted we have been able to see him quite a but. Still, when he leaves, this mom’s heart breaks just a little. But I have to be honest, I think Misty is the hardest hit every time.


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P1000263Back To Reality

Today the holiday’s officially end. Blaise heads back to West Point and Zane and Meg head back to school. Meg was out the door before the rest of us were able to get downstairs but I did manage two quick photos of Blaise and Zane. A quick goodbye hug for the boys and one of Zane in his daily, “My stomach hurts, I’m sick, I don’t won’t to go to school pose.”

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